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Since Surface Pro runs Windows, we are able to connect to, and support them as we can any other supported computer.


Telephone: 01223 (3)36261

Self Help: See our guide: Troubleshooting the Surface Pro

In person: our service desk hatch is currently closed due to covid-19

On-site Remote Support

If you are on-site and connected to the wired network (using your dock or adapter), or connected to the MINTS wireless we can directly connect to it as we would your desktop or laptop.

Off-site Remote Support

If you are having difficulty while using it off-site, or while connected to Eduroam wireless, we can try to connect to your computer using a new system called Bomgar, however it is more complex and not guaranteed. For us to connect:

  1. The device must be on and logged in
  2. You must have a reliable internet connection
  3. You must be able to access your email to receive an invitation link
  4. You must download and install the software client to let us connect