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Room Booking Contact: Mark Shadbolt #36176 /


People with CSCS (Medschl) accounts will be able to book meeting, teaching in the Clinical School building rooms directly via Outlook. This system was designed with the user in mind and brings with it numerous benefits:

  • Some rooms can be automatically booked and are approved instantly with no approvals needed
  • Easier to book meetings with fewer steps (medschl users) as you can see the availability of all attendees and meeting rooms in Outlook
  • Cancel or amend bookings directly
  • Room booking contact within the School (Mark Shadbolt)
  • Floor plans, photos of rooms and each room’s facilities can be found on the Room Booking Website
  • All room bookings (meeting and teaching) and parking spaces in one place

Please see Using the Seminar Rooms - A First Time Guide for guidance on how to use the rooms