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If your personal computer is an Apple Mac laptop, then you log into it using a local account unique to that computer, rather than using your domain credentials. This means that we cannot automatically connect your drives for you. This guide explains how to manually connect to your home drive.


  • A User account with CSCS (@medschl, @biosci, or at @SLCU).
  • You must be connected to the wired network, or be using the VPN. (See VPN (Virtual Private Network) for more information.


@ medschl - Institutions in the Clinical School

  • Where CRSid should be your University ID
  • You will be prompted for your credentials - enter these as MINTS\CRSid and your (Medical School) domain password. Tick to remember the credentials.
  • You should be connected to the drive and a volume icon will show up on your desktop
  • To simplify the process in future, do one or both of the following:
    • Create an alias of the volume so that you can easily reconnect without repeating the steps - select the volume icon, go to the Finder menu bar and click File, then Make Alias
    • Drag the icon for the volume onto the right side of your dock - this will create a shortcut you can use in future

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