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The CSCS mail environment allows connections from a number of different mail clients and protocols that these clients may use to connect. The purpose of this page is to give an overview of the mail clients and protocols that you may wish to use to connect to the CSCS email servers, please note that CSCS staff are not always familiar with every mail client so advice and support may not always be possible.

Mail Clients that can be used

CSCS does not mandate a specific set of mail clients and in theory any mail client that connects through a supported protocol (see below) should work. Your mail client should be under software support from the vendor/manufacturer so as to keep your system up-to-date and protected, so in general CSCS would advise using a modern, well-established mail client. The below list gives a few examples of mail clients that you may wish to use, but is by no means exhaustive:

Mail ClientManufacturerSupported SystemsCostWhere can I get it?
(2010 onwards)
MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows
Apple Mac OSX
Free for University Staff

Clinical School Staff →

Other University Staff →

ThunderbirdMozillaMicrosoft Windows
Apple Mac OSX
Linux (various)
Free for allAvailable from Mozilla directly:
Apple MailAppleApple Mac OSXFree for allIncluded with Apple Mac OSX operating system

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is also available for use as a web application if you prefer not to have a mail client installed (

Available Email Protocols

The CSCS mail environment supports the following protocols for connecting:

ProtocolPort (TCP)SecurityAuthenticationNotes
IMAPS993SSL/TLSNormal Password
IMAP with STARTLS143STARTTLSNormal Password
SMTP with STARTTLS587STARTTLSNormal Password

Most mail clients will make use of HTTPS or a combination of SMTP/SMTPS and IMAPS. If you are unsure if your mail client supports these protocols please check the manufacturer's website and/or manual for further information.

All protocols can be accessed using the address.

Please note that CSCS no longer supports POP as a protocol. If you have been using POP in the past you will need to reconfigure your mail client to use IMAPS. Outlook 2007 or older will also not be able to connect correctly, so it is recommended to upgrade to a newer version if you are an Outlook user.