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Q. When does the new system launch?

A. Monday 21st August 2017. if you attempt to use Outlook to book rooms prior to this date, you risk losing your booking as the rooms in Outlook are still being tested and data will be wiped Friday morning (18th August).

Q. Will there be any downtime whilst the new system is implemented?

A. Yes, Bookwise & MICAD will not be available from Friday 18th August, if you need to book rooms around this date, either do beforehand on the existing systems or from Monday 21st on the new system

Q. I booked rooms via Bookwise, MICAD or Mark Shadbolt (Clinical School Reception / Custodians), will this show in the new system?

A. Yes, the CSCS Development team has spent the last few months designing and testing our new system to allow a smooth transition to the new system. To ensure all is as it should be, we recommend you check future bookings, this can be done in your calendar. All bookings from Bookwise, MICAD and Curriculum have been imported into the new system and any booking requests to Custodians that have been approved will also be shown here. These bookings will show as “Clinical School Room Booking” or "Curriculum"

Q. How far in advance can I book rooms / spaces / parking?

A. At the moment you can book up to the end of 2017 for all teaching rooms and we are working with the Curriculum team to import their requirements for JAN-JUN 2018 so rooms will be released soon. Reoccurring meetings are being accepted through the system, but please be aware if rooms are required for teaching at a later date, you maybe asked to reschedule your booking. Meeting rooms are available to book up to 2020 (SR21 will be added week commencing 18th September)

Q. Do I need to wait for my request to be confirmed?

A. Yes and No, if the room you are requesting is classified as "Auto" and if available for the requested day and time, there is instant confirmation. If the room you are requesting is classified as "Manual", this means Room Booking contact will either accept or decline within 24hrs. Please see HERE room classification.

Q. How do I know my bookings has been "Accepted" or "Confirmed"

A. Only the rooms (resources) available for the required date and time will be shown. If you decide to add a particular room as an attendee, you run the risk of the room not being available and a “Declined” email may be sent to you, however your meeting request will have already been sent to Attendees listed in the invite showing the original room. Please see here on guidance for booking rooms via Outlook

Q. Can anyone cancel / amend my booking?

A: No, only the person or group (for example Curriculum, if the booking was made through the shared mailbox / calendar) who created the original booking or the Room Booking Contact, Mark Shadbolt, can amend or cancel bookings

Q. I would like to book interlocking rooms, how can I do this?

A. You need to add each required room in Room Finder and enter capacity number in the large box. Don't worry if you forget to enter Capacity, Mark will contact you to ask if your bookings are for 2 separate small meetings or one large one.

Q. Will my booking get cancelled or moved?

A. To maximise the use of rooms with the Clinical School, bookings from time to time bookings will need to be moved around. To reduce these types of request, it is recommended that users book Level 4 rooms where possible.

Instructions on how to use the new system and further details can be found at Clinical School Room Bookings

Q. What if a colleague or associate needs to book space with the Clinical School and does not have a medschl mailbox?

A. Please refer them to where they will be required to complete a room booking request form.

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