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The University of Cambridge has decided to retire Hermes email as of 31 December 2021 and all active mailboxes must be moved to Exchange Online.  To read more about the project please see

Shared mailboxes need to be scheduled directly with UIS or will be done in bulk by UIS towards the end of December. 

If you do not self migrate by 14th November 2021, it will be done by UIS between 15 November - 10 December alphabetically in batches according to CRSId.  It is advised that you self migrate before that date as you may be left without access to your mailbox for quite some time while you work through the various requirements!

Due to the federated nature of IT within the University, this change will affect different people and institutions differently making it a complicated transition for some.  We have attempted to lay out the options below to help our customers.

Flowchart of Migration Scenarios

Description of Migration Scenarios

Medschl mailbox

Please note that when saying Medschl email this includes all the aliases that the on premise Exchange environment hosts like THIS Institute, NIHR Bioresource and some for example. If you can access that mailbox at, any guidance referencing a Medschl mailbox applies.

Medschl email user also using Hermes

 You can now run the self migration as outlined in the instructions below.

Medschl user forwarding mail from Hermes mailbox

You may not be using Hermes, and simply using it to receive @cam messages that are then forwarded to another mailbox.

  1. Review the email in your Hermes mailbox and see if any needs to be archived.
    1. If you have both mailboxes open in Outlook, you can simply drag the messages from one mailbox to another.  You can also follow these instructions If you have an extensive set of folders and subfolders in your Hermes mailbox you may wish to plan on taking some time to recreate subfolders in Exchange Online. 
  2. Once anything important has been archived, you can request that the Hermes mailbox be deleted by filling out this form: Delete Hermes: Then no migration to Exchange Online is needed
  3. Update your Lookup mail delivery record so that all messages going to @cam are forwarded to your preferred mailbox  -

Hermes user who has a medschl mailbox that you don't use

Please note that this means you will no longer be able to receive email to the medschl mailbox. If this is not desired, you should not delete your medschl mailbox.

  1. Review the email in your medschl mailbox to see if any need to be kept.  If it does, follow this guide to back up your mailbox:
  2. Fill out this form to let CSCS know you don't need your mailbox any longer and we will delete it:
  3. Review your Lookup mail delivery record to ensure that your @cam email are going to your preferred mailbox  -
  4. Do the Hermes to Exchange Online self migration as outlined below.

Shared Mailbox

To schedule a migration of a shared mailbox email with the name of the mailbox and when you would like it migrated.

I didn't know I had a Hermes mailbox

Some people don't even know how they got a Hermes mailbox and have never used it.  Fill out this form if you wish to have it removed and we will have it cancelled for you: Then you don't need to worry about migrating it.

Hermes Self Migration to Exchange Online

A few things to note before migrating:

Once your migration to Exchange Online has completed:

  • All email to will bounce. If you have been promoting the domain as your email address, all email sent to will bounce. The sender will receive the following automated response:
    • This message has not been delivered as this user's email address has changed. Please resend your message to and update your records.
  • Your Hermes mailbox will become view only
  • Your old Hermes mailbox will be locked when your migration completes. You will be able to log in to it to view the contents, but you will not be able to make changes or send email from it. It is important to bear this in mind if you have used your email address as the primary and/or recovery email address for any online accounts.
  • You should stop using
    • You should stop using and remove the Hermes configuration profile from all your email clients. (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.)

  1. Check your eligibility - make sure you have a Microsoft licence with the University (and not just the Clinical School)
    1. Quickly check your eligibility by logging in to your Lookup page (with your Raven account) and click the Groups tab – if the Combined staff for the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions group is listed, you are eligible.

    2. If you don't have the Combined staff for the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions in your list of Groups
      1. Contact the UIS Service Desk and request a Microsoft Licence.  You should have a Visitor Agreement with the University to be eligible for this. Visitor Agreements are administered by your department.
      2. You can email the UIS Service Desk at to request a licence.  Ask for a Microsoft licence to use Exchange Online (A1) if you don't need to download the Microsoft applications and can use them online.  If you need to download applications (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) ask for an A3 licence.  There may be an extra charge for the A3 licence but the UIS Service Desk will let you know if there is.
  2. Make sure your Raven password is synced
  3. Make sure you've signed up for a Multi Factor Authentication token.  If you have, it's a good time to confirm that you have more than 1 authentication method chosen (eg as a backup for if you lose your new mobile phone).
    1. Set up Multi Factor Authentication go here:
    2. To add additional authentication methods go here: (good suggestions are a mobile phone and a land line - office or home phone)
  4. Make sure your computers have Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2019 or 365. Previous versions don't work with Exchange Online. It is also important to make sure that you are signed in to your Office applications with your Raven account so that it is licenced by the University and ready to use with Exchange Online.
    1. If you have a computer supported by CSCS you can upgrade by going to Go to Downloads and find Office 2019
    2. If you are supporting your own computer, you can download Office from this link: Sometimes to install a new version of Office you need to uninstall the old version. Here are instructions to uninstall old versions:
    3. If you have problems getting Office installed you may need to use webmail;
  5. Self Migration
    1. There are 2 steps to do to migrate your mailbox. Make sure you do both of them!  Instructions are on this page:
  6. Set up mail clients (for example, Outlook)
    1. remove any old pointers to Hermes from mobile devices and email applications on your computers.
    2. Set up Outlook or other email client software per this Microsoft guide or
  7. Confirm your email is going where you want it. Log in to and on the Person tab look for your @cam delivery address.   If you have an email address added here that means that any email coming in to your address will be redirected to that mailbox. If this isn't right, or isn't what you want, change it by following this guide:

Support during the Hermes Migration Process

Unfortunately the University has not provided any additional IT staff to make the transition from Hermes and is requiring that the migration work be done by each individual mailbox user. You are expected to be able to follow the migration information below and successfully move over to Exchange Online.  If you do run into problems with your migration, please ensure that you have followed the directions carefully. If you get stuck at a particular point, please send the UIS Hermes Helphub ( a special service desk set up to support the Hermes migration to end of December 2021) a link to this page and indicate what step you had problems at and what happened, including any error messages or failures that happened. 

As a workaround to issues with Outlook or Office you will be expected to use Webmail;

Other information

General information about Exchange Online Email:

Please note that should you need to delay your move to Hermes please contact UIS at