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CSCS uses the computer name to connect to it remotely, and to track information about it in our systems.  This article describes how to quickly find the computer name.

How to find a service tag:

For a Dell computer, there is usually a sticker on the case which shows the Service Tag, similar to the below picture.

Desktop:                                       Laptop:
5 Ways to find Dell service tag for your computer               


 Instructions for Windows
  • Open the Settings application - Either by going to the Start menu and click the Settings button:

    Or by typing "Settings" into the search and open the Settings application: 

  • Click on System which is usually the first item on the left side of the window

  • Click About

  • Look in the Device Specifications section for the Device name line.


 Instructions for Mac
  • Click the Apple Logo  in the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences:

    • In the window that appears select Sharing:

  • This will move to a new page, showing the name of your computer.