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CSCS have now launched a new method to deploy new computers remotely. The goal is that a device should be delivered straight from Dell in the box and will be automatically set up for the end user once turned on and signed in to.

All the documents relating to this system, called Intune, are located under this page.


If you have received a brand new Dell computer, follow this guide - New Computer

Your data:

Setting up OneDrive

Mapping your U drive

Mapping a group drive

Copying data from a Local Account to a Domain Account

Additional configuration:

Setting up Outlook (Office 365)

Creating a Signature in Outlook

Signing into Teams

Adding a Printer

How to Sync your Bookmarks


Remotely Managed Device FAQ's

How to connect to the VPN & When to use the VPN

Changing Your Password on a Domain Account

Raven Password Changed - OneDrive

Signing in with a Local Account

Finding your Bitlocker recovery key

Other Information:

Windows Updates

Checking Windows Version & Updating

How to check if a device is enrolled to the Windows Remote Device Management (Intune) Service

Windows 10 Home & InTune