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Power button

Press the power button to turn your Surface Pro 4 on. You can also use the power button to put it to sleep and wake it when you're ready to start working again.

Surface Pen

Use Surface Pen to launch Cortana in Windows or open OneNote and quickly jot down notes or take screenshots. See Using Surface Pen (Surface Pro 4 version) on for more info.

Wi-Fi and

For more info, see Add a Bluetooth device and Connect Surface to a wireless network on


Surface Pro 4 has two cameras for taking photos and recording video. Privacy lights are located on the right side of both cameras. For more camera info, see Take photos and videos with Surface and Using autofocus on Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book on


Surface Pro 4 has both a front and a back microphone. Use the front microphone for calls and recordings. Its noise-canceling feature is optimized for use with Skype and Cortana.

Stereo speakers

Stereo front speakers provide an immersive music and movie playback experience. To learn more, see Surface sound, volume, and audio accessories on