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The University provides IT services from many different places and departments and it can be confusing for new starters to figure out where to go for help. This page has links to some of the common questions that we get asked. Click on the links in the table of contents below to jump to a section. These may in turn lead to other Guides, University or CSCS websites. There are many more guides than the ones referenced below. Feel free to go to the CSCS Guides homepage and search for other IT-related information.

Get Information or Help:

CSCS Services

The Clinical School Computing Service offers many IT services, including computer support, email and file storage facilities. You can find a catalogue of all services and links to forms to request them here:  CSCS Services and How to Access Them.  Use of any services provided by the CSCS are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

CSCS Account

You may have been given a CSCS account to log on to a departmental computer.  You need to first log in to a Windows computer to finish setting up your profile and change your password to be able to access many services like webmail, VPN, group drives, etc.  If you do not have a windows computer for that initial log in, you may need to call the Service Desk and have them change a setting in your account.

RAVEN Account

If you are a University employee you will have a Raven account that is used to log in to University websites like Teams, Lookup, Employee Self Service and other central services. In order to collect your Raven credentials you will need your D.O.B and the retrieval code - this will either be in your Medschl inbox or provided to you by your departmental admin.

Connect a computer or printer to the network

Devices need to be issued an IP address before they can connect to our wired network. Equipment bought through us will have one assigned automatically, but anything you’ve bought or brought yourself you’ll need to tell us about.

If you are installing or moving a computer or printer to a new location, make sure there is a network socket available, and be aware that unused wall sockets are often not connected, so you’ll need to let us know beforehand. Please give us a minimum of 3 days notice for new networking requirements.

Wireless Networks

CSCS provides ‘MINTS’ wireless across the Addenbrooke’s site, and this can be used to access School and Departmental resources, such as network drives and printers.

‘Eduroam’ is provided to all members of the University, and is an easy way of accessing the internet, but it cannot be used to access departmental resources.

‘UniofCam’ is a wireless network that should be available wherever Eduroam is. You must log in via a web browser each time you want to connect to this service so this is best for occasional or guest use. If you have a visiting colleague, you can create a guest ticket for them yourself. 

'SLCU Test' is a wireless network in use at the Sainsbury Laboratories only.

Configure Eduroam on my Device
Create a guest or colleague ticket for UniofCam wireless

Installing Printers

Information on how to connect to printers from supported and unsupported devices can be found here:  Printers - Adding a Printer

Access my information and systems remotely

The information and systems hosted by the University and Clinical School can be accessed remotely in a number of ways. See our Remote Working guides to help choose the best solution for your needs.

Mailboxes can be access via the below links:

Make a Purchase

CSCS will recommend, quote, purchase, configure and deliver hardware to suit your requirements. We keep stock of some commonly used Dell laptops and desktops with an institutional discount. We can also offer custom quotes for other hardware. If you would like to purchase any IT hardware, please see our purchasing advice here -


The University Telecoms office is responsible for issuing telephone numbers and handests can be purchased from them. Once a phone has been issued, the Clinical School Computing Service provides a network port for the phone to connect to. Make sure there is a network socket available, and be aware that unused wall sockets are often not connected, so you’ll need to let us know beforehand. Please give us a minimum of 3 days notice for new networking requirements.

Install or Upgrade my Software

CSCS does not provide or sell software licences, however we do have an installation library of commonly used academic software which can be installed on supported computers easily, without requiring administrator rights. Software licences for many of these applications can be purchased from UIS Software Sales. Further information can be found here

Manage my CSCS Identity and Services

Manage my University Identity

Manage your University lookup details, your phone settings and your Employee preferences here:

Find Someone in the University

The Lookup Service provides basic information on most people in the University. Most departmental websites also have their own staff listing:

Find University Training Courses & Review Policies

There are a number of University/Clinical School training courses & policies that new starters are required to review please see and the links below

Browse University Training Courses

Find other University Systems Providers

Store Sensitive Data

Research studies wishing to work with Sensitive Personal Data must register with the School’s Information Governance Office and apply to one of the approved “Safe Havens” to store the data securely.

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