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The University of Cambridge has a preferred printer supplier which is currently Konica Minolta.  All purchases of large or small group printers can be made directly from the vendor and then put on CSCS support as needed.


The most common request that we get is to buy a small group printer.  Supplies vary and models change constantly so we are unable to have a 'standard' type of printer that we can source. We therefore suggest that all purchases large or small go through Konica Minolta.  There is a website set up for orders: and go to our account rep.

The smallest device is model C3300i. 

  • Prints black and white and colour
  • Touch screen panel
  • Is a multi function device so can scan documents as well
  • standard 2 x 500 sheet trays and others can be purchased
  • integrated stapler
  • monthly print volume 25000 pages
  • weight 84kg
  • You can purchase the device (less than £800) or take it on a 3 year rental.  There is a cost per page printed charge that includes all toner, service, parts and warranty.

If you need a smaller or cheaper printer, please purchase it directly from the Marketplace. Please note that CSCS will not be able to support all printers and those with wifi only should be avoided as they are not safe to be put on the network.

Adding to CSCS support:

Ensure that your printer can take an ethernet connection to the network.  If it does, you can submit a request to add to support by clicking on this link: