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As of June 2021, SLCU email services are no longer provided by CSCS. Instead, SLCU users now have a new mailbox provided by UIS that leverages a cloud technology from Microsoft called Exchange Online.

Old versions of Microsoft Outlook (2010, 2011, 2013) do not work with Exchange Online and must be upgraded to either Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, or (for personal devices) Office 365.

CSCS have created a software portal that SLCU users can access via a web browser to download and install Outlook 2019 on a CSCS-supported computer. This guide shows you how to use it.

In addition to Outlook 2019, the download includes the standard Microsoft Office 2019 suite of apps (Word, Excel, etc), and will upgrade all of them on your computer. This process should take up to 15 minutes to complete on a standard internet connection.

How To Check Your Outlook Version

Your Outlook version should briefly display in a blue box whenever you open Outlook, but you can also confirm it in a few mouse clicks by following these steps from Microsoft.

Mac Users

These instructions are aimed primarily at Windows users. For Mac, the instructions do not differ greatly. However, any Mac users who require further assistance are invited to contact CSCS Service Desk for help with upgrading.

Personal Devices

Users of personal, unsupported computers who require an updated version of Outlook should not use our software portal, and should instead visit the UIS website to install Office 365.


A webmail interface exists here:, does not require Outlook to be installed or updated, and can be used as a fallback option to access your mail if you are having issues with Outlook.


  • A CSCS-supported computer (with a name like "SLPC123");
  • An SLCU user account (this is the account you are using to log into supported computers at SLCU, and is provided by CSCS);
  • A UIS Raven account
  • A robust internet connection (to facilitate the download).

Instructions: Installing Office 2019

Please ensure you have done this before 16 June 2021, to ensure continued access to your mail in Outlook.

  1. On your supported computer, save you work, close any open applications, and ensure you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Open a web browser and visit our software portal at by clicking the link, or by typing/pasting the address in your address bar.

  3. Enter your SLCU account credentials (firstname.surname + password) at the prompt and click Login:

  4. Click the big blue Want Software? button to access our software catalogue:

  5. Locate the Search box (top-right) type office 2019 and hit the Enter key:

  6. Windows users should now click Install Microsoft Office 2019; Mac users should click Install Microsoft Office 2019 for macOS:

  7. Read the information on the screen that follows. In the section Device to install software on ensure your computer name is selected, then click Install:

  8. Your requested install is now being processed and can be seen in the Download History list. A download will begin quietly in the background which will take several minutes. There is no download progress bar here to indicate progress, so please be patient here and wait for the next stage.

  9. After several minutes, the Installing Office pop-up should appear. This may take up to 10 minutes to complete on a slow computer.

  10. Once the pop-up says You're all set! Office is installed now, click Close, then restart your computer.

  11. Log back into your computer, and verify Outlook 2019 is installed by launching it from the Start Menu:

  12. Outlook is now up to date, and you are now ready to add your Exchange Online account to it, should this be required.


Q: Can I do this on my home broadband connection?

A: Yes. A VPN connection is optional, but a robust connection to the Internet is strongly recommended. If your home broadband is poor, please contact CSCS Service Desk to make alternative arrangements for your upgrade.

Q: Is there a Webmail interface?

A: Yes, the webmail interface for your new Exchange Online mailbox is here:

Q: I don't like Outlook, can i use something else?

A: Yes, according to UIS you can use alternative mail clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. Please see the UIS Help Pages for more info.

Q: Can I use a mobile app to access this mailbox instead?

A: Yes, please see UIS Help pages for further info on alternative access methods.

Q: The download is doing nothing! Nothing is happening!

A: Please be patient. There is no progress bar for the download, and it may be slower on a home broadband connection. If after 20 minutes you still have not seen the Installing Office pop-ups, please call CSCS Service Desk for assistance.

Q: Why must I be using a supported computer for this?

A: Our software portal only works on supported computers that are being managed by CSCS. If you are using a personal device, you can install Office 365 from the UIS website, or use a 3rd party mail client, or use the webmail interface provided by UIS.

Q: I encountered an error with credentials/crashing/hanging/some other thing

A: If you encounter any issues with this process, please contact the CSCS Service Desk who will be happy to provide further assistance.


  1. Damien Hallsworth, hi, please could you add that the upgrade must be completed by Wednesday 16th June.  This is the day before the copy exercise for the migration commences.

    Also, to reassure that if software is not upgraded then email will still be accessible via webmail


    1. Ok, I've added those changes to the document now.