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Please click link to view full room details (capacity, equipment, functions) AV table for Clinical School

Please see AV Support in the Clinical School for guidance on how to use the rooms


AUTO: if available, instant confirmation

MAN: this submits a request to Room Bookings who will approve or decline within 24 hours

ROOM IDROOM IDCAPACITYInterlockingAUTO / MAN TypeDepending on size & availability, it is recommend you select rooms in the following order

Bookable Period

SR14Seminar Room 1425NoAUTO Teaching 1Aug 2018
SR15Seminar Room 1525NoAUTO Teaching2Aug 2018
SR16Seminar Room 1630NoAUTO Teaching 3Aug 2018
SR17Seminar Room 1725NoAUTO Teaching 4Aug 2018
SR18Seminar Room 1828YesAUTO Teaching 5Aug 2018
SR20Seminar Room 2028YesAUTO Teaching 6Aug 2018
SR19Seminar Room 1940YesAUTO Teaching 7Aug 2018
SR12Seminar Room 1240YesAUTO Teaching 8Aug 2018
SR10Seminar Room 1040YesAUTO Teaching 9Aug 2018
SR11Seminar Room 1140YesAUTO Teaching 10Aug 2018
SR3Seminar Room 340YesMAN Teaching 11Aug 2018
SR1Seminar Room 140YesMAN Teaching 12Aug 2018
SR2Seminar Room 240YesMAN Teaching 13Aug 2018
SR4Seminar Room 410NoAUTO Teaching n/aAug 2018
CABFOYClifford Allbutt Foyern/aNoMAN Function   Space n/aAug 2018
CABLTClifford Allbutt   Lecture   Theatre184NoAUTO Teaching n/aAug 2018
WHLTWilliam Harvey   Lecture   Theatre406NoAUTO Teaching n/aAug 2018
L2CLevel 2 Corridorn/aNoAUTO Teaching;   Function n/aAug 2018
LT2Lecture Theatre 2110NoAUTO Teaching n/aAug 2018
E-1eLearning 142YesMAN Teaching n/aAug 2018
E-2eLearning 218YesMAN Teaching n/aAug 2018
E-3eLearning 324YesMAN Teaching n/aAug 2018
CP-1Car Space 1 (Main   Drive)1n/aMAN Parking n/a2018
CP-2Car Space 2 (Main   Drive)1n/aMAN Parking n/a2018
CP-3Car Space 3 (Main   Drive)1n/aMAN Parking n/a2018
CP-4Car Space 4 (Main   Drive)1n/aMAN Parking n/a2018
SR21Seminar Room 2112NoMAN Meeting n/a2020
SR6Seminar Room 616NoAUTO Meeting n/a2020
SR7Seminar Room 712NoAUTO Meeting n/a2020
SR8Seminar Room 810NoMAN Meeting n/a2020
SR13Seminar Room 1320NoMAN Meeting n/a2020
SR5Committee Room24NoMAN Meeting n/a2020

*This is due to Curriculum Division locking in and confirming their timetables / room requirements

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