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Domains Supported: MINTS AD   Platforms Supported: Linux, OS X, Windows


Unix users may wish to use SSH to connect to the CSCS internal network by using an SSH client of their choice.

Linux and OS X users can use the terminal provided with the operating system. Windows users can use PuTTY.

Connecting to the Internal Network

Open up your client, and connect to the CSCS SSH Gateway This will typically be in the below format:


You should be presented with a Welcome message, shown below, and asked to enter the text displayed in the "Answer" box followed by your MINTS password:

Please be aware that the "Answer" is case sensitive. Typing the text displayed incorrectly multiple times will disconnect the session.

Please note, this login follows the MINTS domain password and account lockout policy and, should you enter your password incorrectly once at this point, then your account will be locked out for 30 minutes.

Connecting to the SRL through the CSCS network

As of November 2019 this is no longer available.