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  1. Select the appropriate Calendar in Outlook
    1. for recurring meetings, consider booking from a role based calendar so that the booking survives any staffing changes
  2. Select New Meeting on ribbon bar (Calendar icon with a blue person and green person in front)
  3. Type in the title of the meeting in the Subject Line
  4. If known, enter capacity number of attendees in the large text box (please see screenshot 2 below)
  5. Select your date and time by selecting the appropriate field in Start Time / End time
  6. On the right hand side of the meeting window you should see "Room Finder" area (see the area circled in red in Screenshot 1 below)
  7. Click on the drop down menu under "Show a room list"
  8. Select type of room, in most instances this will "Clinical School - Meeting Rooms"
  9. Please see link or website for room details AV table for Clinical School and Clinical School Room Booking Website
  10. Available rooms will be shown in the "Choose an available room section"
  11. Double click on preferred room
  12. The room you have selected should now appear in the Location Field in your invite
  13. If you want to double check the room you have selected is available, click on the Scheduling Assistant icon (please see area circled in yellow in screenshot 1 below)
  14. To add attendees, please click "Add attendees", to add medschl account holders please use the Global Address Book (see screenshot 3 below), for all other attendees copy and paste their email address into the "Required" field
  15. The room will be listed here and is treated as an Attendee by Outlook
  16. Click send
  17. Depending on the room you have requested, you will receive an email confirming your booking within minutes or a tentative acceptance email.  Following the tentative email, you will then receive an email confirming or declining your request (within 24hours)
  18. If in the unlikely event the room you invited to the meeting is unavailable , or you will need to select another room, date or time and are asked to change rooms, the updated information will be sent to your attendees when you change the meeting invitation
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