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Please note: these instructions assume you are not connected to the VPN. 

  1. Start the VPN application by one of the following methods:
    1. Click the FortiClient icon in the menu bar and select Open FortiClient Console. 
    2. Press and hold the Command key on you Mac keyboard, then tap the space bar to open Spotlight Search. Then type FortiClient and press return. 
    3. Browse to Applications and double click the FortiClient icon.
  2. In the FortiClient VPN window that opens: 
    1. Click the edit button, (see screenshot below), it looks like 3 short lines stacked on top of each other:
    2. Some older versions of FortiClient have a gear icon in the top right corner of the window. You can click this if you don't see the edit button: 
  3. Click Edit the selected connection
  4. Update the Remote Gateway section. You should remove and replace it with
  5. Ensure that the Customize port tick box is selected and that the port is set to use 10443
  6. Click Save to finish updating the settings

After changing the Remote Gateway from to and ensuring the port is set to10443 to10443 you will be able to use the new VPN. If this does not work for any reason please contact the service desk: