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Throughout 2021, Hermes mailboxes are being migrated to the UIS Exchange Online platform.  This guide shows you how to add your new Exchange Online account to Microsoft Outlook 2019.



You can use webmail by logging in to:  Webmail does not require Outlook to be installed or updated, and can be used as a fallback option to access your mail if you are having issues with Outlook.


Instructions: Adding your new Exchange Online Account to Outlook 2019

  1. Open Outlook and click File (top-left).

  2. Click the Add Account button.

  3. The Welcome to Outlook prompt appears: enter your Exchange Online email address:
    1. NB: this will be in the format of:
    2. Click Connect:

  4. At the Choose Account Type screen, click Exchange:

  5. You are now prompted to Sign in with your organisational account:
    1. Enter your  email address as the username
    2. Enter your Raven password
    3. Click Sign in:

  6. A pop-up advises Account setup is complete. Click OK and close Outlook.

  7. Open Outlook from the Start Menu again, and verify that you can see your new email account in the left side-bar. Click on it to expand your mail folders.
    1. NB: For SLCU users, this will display as

  8. Your mail folders will begin to synchronise with the mail server. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your mailbox.

  9. You are now ready to use your new Exchange Online email account in Outlook 2019.

Shared Mailboxes

If you access a shared mailbox, UIS require that you manually add each shared mailbox as an additional account.