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You should be seeing this page as you have followed the link "Your new computer" on the Desktop of your PC. This page links to guides for the final few steps of setting up your PC - logging in to OneDrive, Office, Teams, configuring Outlook, connecting to the VPN the first time and (if required) connecting network drives.



  1. Before you sign in to office and OneDrive, you must ensure you have reset your RAVEN password (if you are a new-starter and have been supplied with the pre-set password) - or know your current RAVEN password. Please visit the "Raven Password Management Site" to reset it.
  2. You should also configure "Multi Factor Authentication" for your RAVEN account:


There are links below to guides for signing in & configuring each application:



titleSigning in to OneDrive

Please read the UIS page on Data Security Classification and Guidance regarding OneDrive:


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Your New Computer
Your New Computer