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This guide is for booking rooms via Outlook. This system allows you to book or request a room, see room and resource availability all via your Outlook calendar. There are numerous ways a user you can add or invite a room, this guide demonstrates the preferred method.


You must have an active Medschl mailbox. (if you don't have one, you can apply for a user account on this page - A medschl user account includes a medschl email address.)

You must know the name of the meeting room you wish to book.


  1. Go to the calendar tab of Outlook and press New Meeting.
    1. for recurring meetings, consider booking from a role-based calendar so that the booking survives any staffing changes.

  2. Type in the title of the meeting in the Subject Line.
  3. Select your date and time by selecting the appropriate field in Start Time / End time.
  4. If you want to set up a reoccurring meeting, you should press the Recurrence button at the top, which will open the menu below, here you can set your meeting details as desired.
  5. Click on TO, this will open the 'select attendees and resources' box, it should look similar to below - Outlook versions will vary.
  6. Search for and add the room or resource as one of the required attendees of the invitation. 
    1. At this stage, you can add in any other attendees as well.
  7. If you want to double-check the room you have selected is available at the time you have selected, press on Scheduling Assistant at the top of the invitation.
  8. Once your invitation is created and you have added any attendees you need to you can click Send.
  9. Depending on the room you have requested, one of two things will happen
    1. If the room is set to automatically accept bookings, you will receive an email confirming your booking within minutes.
    2. If the room is set to require approval of bookings, you will receive a tentative acceptance email.  Following the tentative email, you will then receive an email confirming or declining your request, once those responsible for the room bookings respond
  10. If you did not send the invitation to all of your attendees at the same time as booking the room, you should now send an invitation with the details to all of your attendees!

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