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You can configure your Medschl or SLCU email to automatically send response messages. This is helpful for when you are on holiday, out of the office, or in the process of phasing out an email account.


You need to have a Medschl or SLCU email account  to use this service.  Hermes users can refer to Redirecting email:


titleUsing Webmail for Medschl Users
  1. Sign in to webmail using the following URL -
  2. In the top-right corner, next to your name, select the cog icon and then select Set automatic replies from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will be immediately taken to the automatic replies page:
  4. For a basic automatic response, select the Send automatic replies radio box, leave the time period check box unticked, and enter the message you wish people to receive. The first text box allows you to set a message that will be received by colleagues within the same organisation, i.e. any person emailing you from within the Clinical School with Medschl email address.
  5. You can also configure a response to people outside of your organisation using the second text box below the first. This can be the same response if you wish, or something slightly different. To turn this on, check the box for Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization and choose if you wish to send to all or only to people in your contacts list.
  6. When you are finished and wish to turn on the automatic response, select the save button at the bottom left. This will turn on your automatic replies immediately.
  7. To turn off automatic replies, select the Don't send automatic replies radio button near the top of the page.