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  1. First you need to look at your broadband package and see where it fits in the recommendation table above based on the number of people and devices using the internet in your house. Activities like online gaming and streaming video can be particularly intensive and affect the performance other devices experience on your home network.
  2. Run a speed test and see what your internet speeds are like compared to what you have purchased from your broadband provider.  You can search the internet for speed test, or try Make sure you do Try the speed test twice - once when connected directly to the router with an ethernet cable and a second time using wifi to see if there is a significant difference between the two.  This will test your download and upload speeds.  You will get a score that looks something like this:
    1. Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 15.21.33.pngor this
    2. if wifi is much slower than ethernet
      1. try turning off other devices connected and see if that improves it. If it does you may need more internal bandwidth in your home - contact a company that sells network gear and discuss your requirements with them
      2. try using wifi from different parts of the house.  If you find that you have varying broadband speeds in your house, it could be because your wireless range or strength is insufficient.  Solid objects including walls, metal objects or bodies of water can dampen the wireless strength and range of your wireless router.  You can help with this by purchasing a wireless extender.  Most of the major broadband providers offer branded wireless extenders that pair with their home wireless routers.  Alternatively, generic extenders are available on the market.  Please consult with your broadband provider before making any purchase.
    3. If the speeds that you record in your speed test are vastly under the speeds that you are paying for, please contact your broadband provider.  They will be able to troubleshoot issues with you on why you might not be getting the speeds that you are promised.  There are some helpful tips in this OFCOM guide too