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title1. Checking OneDrive is installed / Installing / Signing In / Signing in to multiple accounts

Is it installed?

First you need to check you have the OneDrive client installed, and it is signed in. Open File Explorer (My Computer) (click the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen, type explorer and click on File Explorer).

If you are logged in to the University's OneDrive, you should see "OneDrive - University of Cambridge" listed as a folder on the left:

If so, you already have OneDrive installed and signed in, and can go straight to Copying data to it!

You may also see other OneDrive subscriptions if you have an account at another institution, or a personal Office 365 subscription as below. The name tells you which account(s) you are logged in to.

Not signed in to OneDrive?

If your OneDrive icon is grey and has a line through it then you are not signed in yet:

To sign in, click on the OneDrive icon, then click on "Sign in":

Enter your email address, click "Sign in" (or press enter) and when prompted enter your Raven password to sign in:

Not signed into the University of Cambridge?

If you see OneDrive but belonging to a different institution, then you have the client but are signed in with another account - and so need to add the University of Cambridge to your OneDrive Client:

  1. Look down beside the clock for the OneDrive icon:  (you may need to click the up-arrow to show more icons if it is not showing)
  2. Right-click on the icon, and then click on "Settings":
  3. In the window the pops up, go to the "Account" tab, and click "Add an account":
  4. A window will pop up asking for your email address - enter your "" email address and click "Sign in". You will then be taken to the branded University of Cambridge login page - enter your Raven password and click "Sign in":