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Below instructions gives you the possibility to configure a custom library path so you can install/load R packages not included in the standard configuration of R in the Secure Citrix Environment (securemints).   

How To 

You need to create a custom .Renviron file and R-Libs folder in your Home Drive (U) which will be used to install/save all your custom R packages.  You will only need to follow the instructions once 

  • Login to Securemints on  with your SDHS account
  • Open your Home Drive U
    • Navigate to My Documents
      • Create R-Libs folder
    • We have now created U:\Documents\R-libs path

  • Open Notepad++ and add
    • R_LIBS_USER='U:/Documents/R-libs'  
    • File -> Save As
      • Save in: U:  (file should be saved in the root of Home Drive (U)
      • Filename: .Renviron 
      • Save as Type: All files (no text, file should have no extension)
  • Restart R Studio

Check if new path is now showing in R Studio (run below command to show the paths).

  • .libPaths() 

Try to install a package and run it 

  • install.packages("haven")

Now try to run it

  • library(haven)
  • it should return > 

Logoff / Logon again in SDHS Citrix Environment so we can check the paths and installed libraries are still there.