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The Hold & Release printers available at IMS are of several different models and have differing capabilities. If you wish to print a simple black and white document then any printer is capable. However if you have specific printing requirements like a colour folded and stapled pamphlet with cover pages then you will need to be aware of the different printer functions and only release the print job on models that support those functions.


IMS Hold & Release printer queue must be installed to use these printers

Printer Models and Capabilities

L4 Stationery RoomMX-3570N(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
L4 SIR OfficeMX-M365N(tick)

L4 outside Office 2MX-M365N(tick)
L5 outside meeting roomMX-3070N(tick)(tick)(tick)


The printer locations are marked in black on floor plans below


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