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So you've been invited to a Teams Meeting, what now? How do you join the meeting?


Joining a Teams Meeting is very simple - once you've been sent a meeting invite, simply open the calendar entry and click the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link. It will then take you to the Microsoft Teams website, what happens next depends on if you have Teams installed, and what browser you are using. You may get a prompt like this asking if you want to Launch Teams - click "Open Microsoft Teams" to open the meeting in Teams:

You may simply see Teams pop up and ask if you want to join the meeting - here you can choose if you want to have Video and / or Audio on when you join the meeting and if using video, if the background behind you should be blurred:

You should see a video preview (if video is turned on) in the middle of the screen, or your Office Picture / initials if video is off, and a "Join now" button under them:

I don't have Teams, what now?

If you don't have Teams installed but have been invited to a meeting, we recommend you download and install Teams for the best experience - if you are using Windows, when you follow the link to the meeting you can download it from that web page. If you cannot or do not want to install the Teams App, you can use the Web Version instead by clicking the button "Join on the web instead":

This will give you a less full-featured version of Teams, and you may be prompted to allow the Teams Website to access your Camera and Microphone - in order to use these for audio and video calling you must click "Allow":