You should have been provided this link because you have a new Windows computer that is configured for a CSCS remote setup.  This guide will take you through all the steps to get your computer set up.


Internet connection of at least _____ (link to how to tell what you've got)

Ethernet cable to connect the computer directly to your internet router

If a desktop computer you'll also need a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Calculate how long this may take based on the internet speed


  1. Plug computer directly to your router using an ethernet cable. do not use wifi because....
  2. Power the computer on
  3. you will be prompted to log in.....
  4. you will see.... and this step will take whatever amount of time we estimate based on internet speed (hint you may want to let this run overnight)
    1. during this time the following will happen:
      1. basic computer set up
      2. windows setting
      3. security settings such as
      4. software installed: office, sophos anti virus, vpn, etc
      5. move files to OneDrive
  5. When it is done you'll see....
  6. what you should do next
    1. log into One drive
    2. test OneDrive
    3. Make sure you can see your data
    4. map your drives?
    5. Install missing applications?

Confirming your setup:

What do they need to do to test?

set up outlook

set up printing

set up wifi


Possible problems