I manage a group of users can I move them all at once?

If you have an account that then licenses several others if you submit the form with the account that manages the licenses all users will be moved at the same time.

If you buy individual licenses and have 4-5 accounts for your department, you can submit a form for each account to be consolidated individually.

What licenses will we have? I don't want to lose functionality

Educational licenses, allow unlimited length meetings with up to 300 participants and provides 0.5GB of cloud storage.

Do I get a refund on the subscription fees I have already paid?

To ease the burden on the account's teams, we are asking all refunds are sent as a credit to the Clinical School account, this is then being used to offset the cost of the license from June 2022 to June 2023.

Do I keep all my settings, recordings, and meetings?

All settings booked meetings, and recordings are kept during the consolidation process.

What about extra licences like Webinar licences?

Please speak with CSCS about any additional licences as they need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is it possible to consolidate a shared email?

If your Zoom account is linked to a shared mailbox, you can provide that information in the form. However, this is not consistent with the Zoom licensing and there is now a one-time password system in place to secure accounts that require you to also be able to access email within the shared mailbox to log in to Zoom so this is not recommended.

I share a Zoom account within my department, can I consolidate it?

Zoom licensing terms require that it should be one license, per named user per account. While you can consolidate these accounts Zoom has enabled a one-time password system to secure accounts. This would mean that any time someone new attempted to log into the account, they would need a 6-digit passcode that is emailed to the email associated with the Zoom account.

Can I use my Addenbrookes or Gmail/personal email to subscribe?

We are only consolidating zoom accounts that are linked to an @cam or @medschl email account.

Can Zoom apps still be used?

There is no difference in functionality for Zoom before/after consolidation.

Can I get a license if I don't have one already?

There is a fixed number of licenses and we are prioritising the consolidation of staff who have existing accounts, there may be licenses available at the end of this process.

If you don't have a Zoom account currently and wish for one please fill out this form - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=RQSlSfq9eUut41R7TzmG6eI5ps7YxvhOpLs9ngrUbvRUNVhUTkpHNDQwVkM3S1g1Q1VEUTA0TkI2Vy4u we will be in contact with you if there are licenses available.