You may get the following error message when trying to access or

Alternatively, you may get the following error when trying to launch an application or desktop from the above.


On a supported Windows device connected to the wired network, you should just need to restart your computer.
If this doesn’t work please call the Service Desk on 01223 336261 or email;

To resolve this issue on any of the following, you will need to use the relevant guide below:

  • Select “Local Machine” as the store location

  • Click “Next” and “Finish”
  • When you see this message the certificate has been installed successfully and you will be able to use the Mints@Home/ SDHS service again.

Method 1:

  • Enter your username and password if prompted

Method 2:

  • Download the file attached to this page (Quovadis Global SSL ICA G3.cer).
  • Open your keychain, this can easily be done by using Spotlight Search (⌘ + Spacebar) to find  “Keychain”
  • Select the “System” Keychain and the category “Certificates”

  • Unlock the Keychain using the padlock at the top left
  • Drag and drop the downloaded file from earlier into the empty space.

  • You will be able to use the Mints@Home/ SDHS service again.